How to Keep Your Costume Jewelry From Tarnishing

A big issue many people experience with costume jewelry is keeping it from tarnishing. This occurs when the top layer, the protective laquer, of the metal begins to wear away. This is a result of a few it being exposed to many chemicals and incorrect cleaning methods.

Here are simple tips to keep your pieces from loosing their shine and tarnishing

  • Keep harsh chemicals away from your jewelry: If you are going to wear items that contain harsh chemicals such as perfume, body mist, lotion, or sun tan lotion make sure you apply it to your skin and it completely dries prior to putting your jewelry on. 
  • Keep away from water: This is specially true when showering or cleaning
  • Proper cleaning method: Make sure to clean your pieces regularly with lemon juice and cold water in a bowl. Let soak for 2 minutes
  • Keep them away from too much exposure to the sun
  • If you are really into preserving your pieces, store them in air tight ziplock bags to prevent any moisture or sust from getting on them

Let us know if you have any other methods to keep your pieces looking like you just bought them!

PS: Some folks use clear nail polish to bring the shine back into their pieces. This does work temporarily but it’s just like your nails, the shine will fade and you will have to reapply. Some also apply clear spray paint/shiny lacquer. We don’t use this technique personally, therefore we cannot recommend it. This may cause redness if you have sensitive skin because if the chemicals in them.

Before (on the right) and After (on the left). Image via Purse Blog

Before (on the right) and After (on the left). Image via Purse Blog


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